PechaKucha: A 20×20 Gaming MEmorial

Gregory Ulmer believes that we create Memorials for the the ideal, societal constructs of society that represent the transcendental, and encourages the creation of MEmorials as a way for individuals to explore the dissonance created through juxtaposing the abject.  In this video, I use a PechaKucha format (20 Images x 20 Seconds) to explore the misrepresentation of gaming culture in society.

It’s worth nothing that most of these images are not of my own design and that all of the rights to them belong to their respective owner(s).  With that being said, I tried to pick the most appropriate images to use that represented the more conventional Pechakucha presentations I viewed. While, looking back, a few of them miss the mark for me in terms of visual consistency, I’m still generally pleased with the overall result.

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